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Graduate Program

Students pursue MS and PhD degrees in Sociology, with optional concentrations in Africana Studies, Women's & Gender Studies, or American Indian Studies.

Students work with a large, interdisciplinary faculty that includes about 30 tenure-track professors who have PhDs for departments of sociology, anthropology, ethnic studies, English, history, foreign languages, and African diaspora studies. Students can also study professors and instructors from other departments on campus whoa are affiliated with our department.

This extraordinary array of expertise allows students to pursue sociological approaches to such topics as inequality, crime, culture, global political economy, and health, as well as interdisciplinary explorations through the department's programs in Women's & Gender Studies, Africana Studies, and American Indian Studies.

Recent dissertations include:

  • Workfare and the Great Recession: Socioeconomic Outcomes among Black, White, and Hispanic Mothers in the Era of Work-First Welfare
  • Making Power Visible: Racialized Epistemologies, Knowledge (Re)Production and American Sociology
  • On the Stage of Change: A Dramaturgical Approach to Violence, Social Protests, and Policing Styles in the U.S.
  • Historical Context, Institutional Change, Organizational Structure, and the Mental Illness Career
  • Sexualities and Conflicting Moralities at Work: Am Empirical Test of Black's Theory of Moral Time

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Graduate Admissions:

Graduate Admissions (0325)
Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Policies & Forms

Handbook, Expectations, Ethics: