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Center for the Study of Peace and Violence Prevention


Center for the Study of Peace and Violence Prevention

About the CPSVP:

The Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention is an academic and research organization whose vision builds on the cultural initiatives that evolved within the Virginia Tech community after the tragedy of April 16, 2007.

The Center's educational mission envisions a world informed by cross-disciplinary work in violence prevention research, education, and hands-on learning experiences.

The CPSVP is a hub for research, education, service learning, and community outreach dedicated to the study and prevention of violence in global and local contexts.


Special Announcement: Film screening at the Lyric Theater, Blacksburg, VA. 

From April 24-29, The Lyric Theater will be screening "The Hunting Ground," a documentary about sexual violence on college campuses. Show times will be 7:00 PM between April 24 and April 26, 10 AM Matinee April 27, and 7:00 PM on April 28 and 29. 


Undergraduate Program:

The CPSVP has developed an undergraduate degree option at Virginia Tech. This Minor in PEACE STUDIES & VIOLENCE PREVENTION (PSVP) will offer students an opportunity to focus on either local or global issues of peace and violence. The CPSVP offers an introductory course (PSVP/SOC 2044) that presents basic concepts and theories of peace and violence and a capstone seminar course (PSVP 4104) that permits students to crystallize what they have learned within their major fields of study, and to work closely with students from other disciplines. NOTE: Some courses on the checksheet linked below may require substitution as the curriculum is updated. The process is not difficult, and usually only requires one to fill out a form. 

Please visit our Undergraduate Program page for more information.

For more news about past and upcoming events, please visit our News page




Contact Information

205 Norris Hall (0911)
495 Old Turner Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061
P: (540) 231-2345
F: (540) 231-0929


CPSVP-affiliated course offered in Summer II, 2015: AAEC 1264, CRN 72783, taught by Dr. Ellerbrock.